Wei Cui, M.D.

Integrated Medical Care, LLC

15215 Shady Grove Rd, Suite 203, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: (240) 888-9567
Fax (301) 424-2680

Medical Services

Health does not mean you come to see your doctor only when you are sick, instead, it means to protect, promote and maintain well-being. Dr. Cui provides full package of preventive medicine care, including vaccination, screening cancer, weight management and life style modification consulting. Dr. Cui will follow you up closely and witness the improvement.

Dr. Cui believes that a primary care physician is the hub of medical care system, from where the patient receive the best care that the system can provide. Behind Dr. Cui is a strong team composed of various specialists. For a complicated case, standing for his patient, Dr. Cui will organize and coordinate different specialists and provide care effectively and efficiently. And take care of you along the way. Dr. Cui may send patients directly to Johns Hopkins Hospital or NIH, if necessary.

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